Main strenghts

Specialization and cooperation to ensure quality products

With its 500 customers worldwide, Spico Meccanica is now a landmark in the national and international steel industry, especially in the field of ingot moulds and machinery for steel industries andcontinuous casting moulds plant renovation

This virtuous cooperation among different departments allows a high quality execution at every step of the production cycle, minimizing the waiting time. Production is checked step by step using the latest generation tools and monitoring systems. The tracking of each process step, from raw material selection till the final testing, allows to assign each product its own identity card, its warranty.

Spico Meccanica is growing every day together with its customers because it believes strongly:

  • In continuous research and development investments
  • In specialization and cooperation of production departments
  • In the continuous training of skilled labour
  • In high-precision products of superior and certified quality
  • In absolute reliability of the finished product
  • In competitive prices on the international market
  • In fast and timely services worldwide
  • In the highest customer’s satisfaction

These are Spico Meccanica’s strengths, independent variables of a company success that has created more and more innovative and high performance machinery for steel industries, 100% Made in Italy.