Complete ingot moulds

Ingot moulds for the production of billets, blooms, beams and steel sheets

Spico Meccanica ingot moulds enclose all the know-how developed in over 40 years of production. These include high-performance and long-term continuous casting ingot moulds, which have been realized according to each Customer’s specific needs and supplied as a turnkey and ready-to-use package. 

Our customers operate worldwide and are steel producers, manufacturers of continuous casting moulds machines and steel plant maintenance companies. Spico Meccanica product range includes ingot moulds for square and round billets, blooms, beams and steel sheets . As steel processing involves a large amount of cooling water, dust, heat and vibration, that can compromise life and efficiency of the same plants, our ingot moulds are equipped with special seals and high performance cooling systems.

Billette quadre (UK)

Billette rotonde (UK)

Blumi (UK)

Travi (UK)

Lamiere (UK)