Mould suports, oscillators and stirrers

Complete and efficient systems for casting moulds

To ensure that the obtained steel does not present heterogeneity phenomena, which may adversely affect the quality of the final product, we pay great attention to mould supports, oscillators and stirrers design and implementation. These are key elements in a steel plant that allow ingot moulds to offer high performance and product homogeneity.


Oscillators, which have been installed on resistant mould supports and realized through high quality materials give the ingot moulds an oscillating movement, which avoid a molten steel sticking on walls and a consequent process interruption.
On the other hand, electromagnetic stirrers (or magnetic stirrers) cause liquid steel rotation, obtaining homogeneous material and a greater product uniformity.
The obtained steel is free of shape imperfections, inclusions, macro segregation, porosity and surface or internal cracks.